Kershaw Family Murders

The Kershaw Family Murders, also known as the Kershaw Family Massacre, took place in Virginia in 2003.

The Kershaw Family Murders, also labelled as the Kershaw Family Massacre, was a crime that took place on June 28, 2003. The deaths occurred in Rockbridge County, Virginia.


Ike and Victoria Kershaw moved to Rockbridge, Virginia in 2000.  Ike worked as a writer and Victoria as a pharmacists.  They had two teenage children, Elizabeth and Isiah.


The Kershaw family were murdered in their home in the early morning of June 28. The crime scene and their bodies were discovered by a neighbor. The four bodies were found in different locations of the house. It has been reported that it was a very messy crime scene, with blood covering the walls and floor throughout the house. When police arrived they found the house to be secured from the inside with locked doors and window, how the attackers got in is unknown.

The family were killed with blunt weapons, suggested to be either an axe and/or machete according to various sources. It has been suggested from law enforcement that more than one weapon was used, but not confirmed how many or what type exactly.

Who committed the quadruple homicide is unresolved. Motive has never been established.


  • Ike Kershaw (41)
  • Victoria Kershaw (42)
  • Elizabeth “Lizzy” Kershaw (15)
  • Isiah Kershaw (13)

The Cause of Death for all victims were listed as blunt force trauma, sharp force injury, and blood loss.