Katie Claypool – The Triangle Murders

A teenager named Katie Claypool was murdered execution-style along with two others in a bizarre triple homicide known as The Triangle Murders.


Katie Claypool, 17,was a high schooler who was started her first summer job at the leasing office for an in-construction business complex.  Frank Covington, 25, was a grad student who was attending Georges Mason University. Eliza Mueller, 23, was an exotic dancer.


On June 24, 2004, Katie Claypool, along with two others, were found murdered in a Brookhaven Homes mobile office trailer. It was Katie’s first day on the job. The bodies were found by the sales manager later that afternoon. All three had been killed execution style, with a bullet wound to the back of their heads. Forensics showed that the bodies were moved from their original locations of being shot, and were laid down straight in a formation that resembled a triangle. This peculiar fact would give this gruesome crime one of it’s nicknames, “The Triangle Murders.”

No suspect or even motive behind the triple homicide was ever discovered. While it was clear that Katie was there to work, it is not entirely known why Frank and Eliza were at the location. It is also unclear the relationship between the three, if any at all. Why three apparent strangers were murdered in an execution, and then had their bodies posed after, has stumped Fairfax Law Enforcement for years.


  • Katie Claypool (17)
  • Frank Covington (25)
  • Eliza Mueller (23)